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Jax Solomon Topless Abs Shoulders Sensual Tantra Provider Las Vegas


I’m Jax Solomon

I’m sort of a connoisseur of human sensual experience. I have a signature of excellence in the realm of sensual tantra bodywork. I take you on an experience beyond deep relaxation to sexual awakening.



of Sensual Tantra Bodywork Las Vegas

True relaxation is not just soothing the muscles. It’s a multi-dimensional experience. 

It’s about easing your mind, stroking your emotions, and igniting the sensual spark inside you.

I bring a unique blend of expertise and intuition to our sessions. Your session is personalized to you, a mix of invigorating, rejuvenating and can even be transformative.

Jax Solomon Body To Body Tantra Massagein Las Vegas Sitting On Bed
Jax Solomon Tantra Massage Las Vegas Lying With Robe

Unique Sensual Experience

I draw from a rich set of experiences as a former professional fetishist, relationships consultant, and tantra therapy, my mastery of human sexuality and enlightenment is the cornerstone of Sensual Tantra Bodywork Las Vegas. I give you a rare, refined, and deeply resonant experience with your personal desires.

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Philosophy of Solomon Tantra™

The Foundation of Sensual Tantra Bodywork Las Vegas. I founded Solomon Tantra as a methodology that eschews traditional religious inclinations and instead focuses on sensuality, body rejuvenation, and a scientific approach to tantra. Solomon Tantra™ is about empowerment, sexual independence and personal growth, utilizing a neuro-linguistic and bodywork framework to unlock the sensuality in our bodies and create predictable, fulfilling outcomes.

Mindful Presence

Every session is approached with complete attention and presence. You feel seen, heard, and can simply relax into the experience. You don’t have to do anything else other than receive pleasure and honor your body’s sensual desires.

Unconditional Love & Compassion

The space I create is one of love, appreciation and nonjudgmental acceptance of the being that you are. It’s a space where you can be completely yourself and let go of any inhibitions. You feel safe and nurtured.

Connection & Communication

Our connection and communication is vital. I encourage you to express your needs, wants, desires, and boundaries. This all helps me create a wondrous and personalized sensual tantra experience for you.

Empowerment & Personal Growth

While a sensual tantra session is as simple as your relaxing and receiving, the foundation is based on your self-discovery and personal growth, helping you unlock your full emotional and sexual potential and live a more authentic, connected and joyful life.


Beyond Bodywork

I have a lot of passions outside of the bed and massage table. I have fun interests in real estate, investments, culinary, fitness, health & wellness, brain health, sleep optimization, film, shows, fine dining and table tennis. I also operate a charity for personal and relationships development. When I’m not with clients, you’ll probably find me at my Las Vegas home with my two cats, Asa and Thorvi.

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An invitation.

Sensual Tantra bodywork is more than a service, it’s an invitation for you to explore the depths of relaxation and heights of sensual pleasure. Whether you’re seeking emotional healing, enhanced self-awareness, or a deeper connection with your own sexuality, I’m here to make that happen for you.