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Hygiene & Sexual Health

I take hygiene and sexual health very sincerely. I’ll share with you my protocols to help you appreciate my love for personal well-being and your confidence knowing you’re in safe hands.

Jax Solomon Couple Sensual Tantra Session at Caesars Palace

Optimal Diet

Superb Fitness


I’ve fine-tuned my diet and fitness regimens from over 15 years of dedicated focus on nutrition and body science. Everything I do with my body and food intake are intentional right down to the measure of energy. Nowadays, they’re second-hand knowledge for me but it took years of experimentation to optimize them for my own health and longevity.


Shower Routine

I shower every day, because I sweat everyday from either training or table tennis. I’ll admit, I do play table tennis everyday, at least on VR. But especially before our session together, you can bet I’ve showered beforehand.


Dental Hygiene

I’m especially particular with dental hygiene. I follow Dr. Ellie’s “Mouthcare System” which I think is revolutionary. My regimen consists of 3 mouthwashes, each for a specific purpose, brushing with a specific paste, and salivary health. I go into detail about the system here.


Grooming & Scent

I don’t have too much body hair but in the areas I do are well-kept, trimmed or shaven. I pay special care for my hands since they’re the instruments which I connect with your body. My nails are always clean and short. My friends tell me I don’t have body odor. If anything, my natural scent is alluring, but I’m sure that’s pheromonally biased. I do not wear cologne since I’m sensitive to smells and have got nothing to mask 😉 

Jax Solomon Clear Perfect Sexual Health Test with Mgen

Perfect Sexual Health

As a sensual tantra connoiseur and professional performer, I take my sexual health seriously. I do not have unprotected sex with anyone without verifiable full-panel sex health exams. These are the most comprehensive STI testing in the industry, even including Mgen and all newly discovered viruses. This is the best part of interfacing with a professional. I have readily-available, within-the-week tests as they’re required as a performer.

You’re always welcome to see them. Simply ask if you’d like!

Respect & Care

My meticulous approach to personal hygiene, health and sexual well-being lets you relax into your session and feel safe in the hands of a caring professional.

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