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Message Sent!

I got your message! I’ll reply as soon as I can. In the meantime, please read below to prepare for your tantric massage.

Hey! Jax here. I’ll be replying to your message ASAP. If you’re contacting me during the afternoon or evening, you’ll probably get a fast response.

If you want a faster response, you can text me at 702-623-9953. Just make sure you let me know on that text that you’re a man looking for a female tantra masseuse!

When I message you, I’ll be recommending a female tantra masseuse based on their availability, reliability, and trustworthiness. I hear a lot of guys get scammed by girls whether with money or safety, or both… and I don’t want that to be you!

Also, during this time, let me know if you have any specific preference or a unique situation you have so I can let the girls know in advance some information about you.


I’ve been providing sensual tantra sessions over 8 years so I have some sensual tantra provider girl friends that I can rely on to provide a good service. They’re very sweet and skilled and sexy, and the kind of girls I myself would get a tantra session from.

When I do couple’s or four-hands sessions, they’re the girls I call up to work with me on my clients.

Hence, I don’t work with anyone that have off-putting attitudes.

This is how you know you’re session will go well and your privacy and safety will be in good hands.

Remember, because we all work independent of each other, I can recommend them but I can’t take any responsibility for what happens in your session. Whatever you arrange with each other is between you.


You can trust whoever I recommend will take care of your privacy and any information you share with them. Some girls will ask for more information personal information from you. Every girl will have a different way of vetting their clients. This is totally fine! Some girls won’t have a verification process.

Just know that anyone I recommend you is a real girl and someone you can rely on. In fact, this is the benefit of going through my recommendation!


Some girls I recommend you will have a website so they have their own terms of services and payments. In general, what you’re paying for is their time, and specifically during that time, you can expect a tantric body rub. 

Remember that you are not paying for any sexual activities because that is illegal in Las Vegas.

Whatever you do outside of the tantra bodywork session is between consenting adults and is not part of any monetary exchange.


Tips are not required but appreciated. It lets the girls know that you appreciated the service and liked it or even loved it. It also lets them know for future reference to treat you well. Girls never forget good tippers. But, with that said, they also won’t treat you badly if you don’t tip. Remember that I only work with girls that have good attitudes and professionalism.


Each girl will have a different manner they go about incall and outcall sessions. Most of the girls I work with do have an incall place so if you’d rather not do it at your place or hotel, you can go to them. 

At their incall place, you’re safe. I don’t work with or recommend any girl that I can’t trust with safety or if their location isn’t clean, safe, and discreet.

They do charge for outcall. The typical fee, the same as my travel fee, is $100. Just expect that and know that it’s really convenient for you because you don’t have to go through the hassle of getting an uber or driving before and after the session.


Please oh please oh please, before the session, make sure you shower! This is so important. We, sensual bodywork pro’s, absolutely despise clients that aren’t clean. Remember that we’ve been doing this a long time and have a lot of clients and know the nuance of someone who’s clean and someone who’s not.

Even if you FEEL you’re clean, shower anyway. This will make it more enjoyable for you and the girl. You don’t want to be the guy they put on their contact notes the guy with the dirty part or stink.

If you have a strong body odor, don’t worry. Showering will make you fresher. The girls know whether the body odor is natural or if it’s heavy and obviously haven’t showered. Trust me!

Thanks for reading. I hope you have an incredible sensual, blissful, tantric bodywork session!